Finding Inspiration from Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Girl Scouts


Last weekend proved inspirational in ways that I could not have anticipated.  I took a break from the heat, my legal “to-do” list and ruminations about “the state” of these United States.  Fortuitously, “RBG” (for U.S. Supreme Court Justice “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”) was showing in the nearby cineplex.   I have long admired the petite legal warrior for her strength, commitment and smarts.   This documentary explored the arc of her personal and professional lives—an arc that made for a sorely-needed cinematic hug.

It is important to be reminded of the creative and dedicated work of Justice Ginsburg, both in the private sector and then on the bench.   From the beginning, she demonstrated that gender-based inequality could not be rationalized in a free democracy.   In so many ways---large and small--- Justice Ginsburg’s quiet tenacity broke down barriers.  It continues to do so as her diminutive, bent figure articulates the necessary path forward to advance civil rights in the workplace, bakery industry and education.  Thank you, RBG, for the inspiration and motivation!

The following day I encountered two young women who exemplify the work and spirit of RBG.   Maggie and Cayley are local girl scouts.  I encountered them at my pet food store.  The pair set up an educational display to explain pet abuse and neglect in a very real, understandable way.   These girl scouts had put in a tremendous amount of time to study this difficult topic and consider the best way to educate the public.   Not only did their work describe the problem, but it offered practical ways to address animal neglect and abuse.   Maggie and Cayley developed a terrific web site as a complement to their display and personal presentation. Their website included links to various resources and first responders.  With dedication and enthusiasm, the duo entertained questions about how to spot and handle pet neglect and animal abuse in our community. Their work explored this big problem and shared various ways to improve the situation for our community’s pet population.


The work of RBG shines through the efforts of Maggie and Cayley and their Girl Scount colleagues.  As RBG advances civil rights, these young women bring heart and intellect to the evolving recognition of animal rights.  The world is a better place for RBG, Cayley and Maggie. The “arc” of Justice Ginsburg’s work continues its generous sweep by the actions of these members of Girl Scout Troop 70182.


Check out “Stop Pet Neglect for Good” at  

The troop and their wonderful leader can also be contacted at


Mari Bush