Mari C. Bush

Mari C. Bush LLC is a law firm where experience, commitment, compassion, advocacy, creativity, communication skills, humor and common sense join forces to form a special kind of law firm.

Literally and figuratively, Mari C. Bush LLC has returned to its roots. Abandoning a daily commute and a high overhead in exchange for more time to devote to core legal values, Mari C. Bush LLC continues to serve individuals and families with unique legal problems and challenges, providing personal attention to its clients.

Mari Bush is Mari C. Bush LLC. She combines her small town upbringing on Colorado’s Western Slope with the knowledge and experience derived from her education at the University of Denver (B.A., Political Science, 1977, summa cum laude) and Stanford University School of Law (J.D., 1980, President of Class of 1980). At Stanford Law School, Mari Bush was a founding member of the Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation and Women of Stanford Law. Mari Bush pursued her legal career as a mechanism for helping those who needed assistance.  She gained her initial experience as a partner at a civil litigation firm in Boulder, Colorado where she represented primarily women and children in negligence and product liability actions. At her first firm, Mari Bush played a key role in women’s health litigation (IUD, DES, Bendectin, breast implants) and gained experience in multi-state actions, including fraud actions against Charles Keating. She was a founding member of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice. 

After seventeen years in her otherwise male-only firm, Mari Bush set up a sole practice in Boulder where she continued to advocate on behalf of women and children for five years.

For the past fifteen years, Mari Bush partnered with Bruce J. Kaye in Denver at Kaye and Bush, LLC. At Kaye and Bush, Mari Bush expanded her practice to include long term disability (LTD) benefits appeals and litigation; premises liability actions (examples include injuries to families in recreational settings; disfiguring dog bite injuries); negligence actions (including catastrophic injuries to a college student participating in a cross-country charitable bicycle fund raiser; and to a young woman who had to jump from her fourth-story apartment to avoid being burned to death); mediation and arbitration (FINRA public arbitrator; certified completion of 40-hour mediation training); and her ongoing representation of individuals and families in claims under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). 

Among her many professional accomplishments is having one of her NVICP vaccine cases prevail in a 9-0 decision before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Mari Bush was the honored recipient of the Kenneth Kripke Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA). Mari Bush has served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association for over two decades, while at the same time assuming a number of other leadership roles in the organization, including Chair of the Case Assistance Committee (developing professional networking and mentoring opportunities and organizing other resources); Editor-in-Chief, Trial Talk®, CTLA’s bi-monthly publication; Chair of the Annual Convention; presenter at various seminars; participant in numerous policy-making task forces.

Pro bono service is vital to Mari Bush. She provided free pro bono representation to two families who lost their homes in the Lower North Fork Fire; to a young Nepalese boy who sustained permanent visual injuries at birth; and to a young man at Columbine High School on that fateful day in 1999. More recently, Ms. Bush has participated in efforts to help low-income families impacted by changes in health and immigration policies.

Earlier in her career, Mari Bush was the Colorado liaison to the Breast Implant Multi-District Litigation (MDL), helping to inform and organize Colorado colleagues involved in these matters. Mari Bush has been a selected speaker in a variety of forums, including for the Colorado Bar Association, the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and Colorado Women’s Bar Association. She was a chosen instructor at the National Depositions Program conducted by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA). Mari Bush participated in a Process Subcommittee, NVIC meeting at the National Institute of Health.

Ms. Bush is proud that she has been able to secure compensation for children, individuals and families throughout her career. What brings her the most satisfaction has been the lasting relationships she has made with many of her clients, long after their cases have been resolved.


You have been amazing. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did for my father... Again, thank you for all of your hard work. This changed his life.
— S.T.

Filing a claim against the vaccine industry is a confusing and scary process. After our first meeting with Mari Bush, we knew she was the right person to handle our case. From the beginning, she has walked us through the entire process, explaining the steps in terms we could understand. We have always been made to feel like we are more than just a client to her—she truly cares about our family and the outcome of our case. She has kept us informed throughout the process and is always available to answer our questions. We are so thankful for the work she has done to ensure the best possible outcome for our daughter and our family.
— Niki Stotler

I had a very tough case that I think most lawyers would be daunted by, but not Mari. She stuck with me until the bitter end and became so much more than just my lawyer. She became my friend, someone who truly cared about my well-being. I would recommend her a thousand times over.
— Alina Raffa Miller

Civil Disputes

Mari C. Bush LLC focuses on “civil” matters. Ms. Bush practices in the civil—not criminal—courts. In particular, she assists families, children and women with civil claims against individuals, corporations and insurance companies. Mari C. Bush LLC does not take on criminal or family law (divorce, custody) matters.

Ms. Bush’s civil law experience has been in a wide variety of forums, including homeowners association meetings (representing a wonderful canine client), student disciplinary matters, state and federal trial courts in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, state and federal appellate courts and the Supreme Court of the United States.  

Vaccine Injuries (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) 

Mari Bush has been representing individuals and families under this federal program since 1990. Over the years, Ms. Bush has successfully settled and tried cases brought by children and adults who have suffered specified injuries as a result of covered vaccines. Ms. Bush’s clients have suffered vaccine-related injuries, ranging from Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA), hearing loss, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), seizure disorders and death. Ms. Bush’s case prevailed in a rare 9-0 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, beating back several appellate challenges brought by the Department of Health and Human Services.  

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is administered by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. Unlike many personal injury/death cases, the attorney fees and costs are ultimately paid through a special fund and not out of the injured party’s pocket. 

Please contact Mari Bush concerning injuries that may be covered by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, especially SIRVA and neurological cases. Ms. Bush does not handle autism claims under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Long Term Disability Insurance Applications and Appeals

When it comes to Long Term Disability Insurance benefits, each step of the process requires thoughtful attention. Mari Bush has many years of experience in representing individuals through the challenges of securing private Long Term Disability insurance benefits (LTD benefits).

Each claim for Long Term Disability Benefits presents its own specific issues. Some individuals need advice concerning whether they may be eligible for LTD benefits. Others want assistance in applying for LTD benefits. There are other clients who need guidance in maintaining their eligibility for Long Term Disability benefits. Then other individuals need to file an administrative appeal of a denial or termination of their LTD benefits. 

Many LTD insurance policies are governed by a federal statute, ERISA. ERISA-governed disability claims present particular concerns and regulations. Those Long Term Disability insurance policies not governed by ERISA—such as those provided via employment by the government or religious organizations—have their own considerations.

Long Term Disability Insurance is not Social Security Disability, although there is an interplay between the two benefit schemes. Unfortunately, Mari C. Bush LLC does not handle Social Security Disability claims.

Communication (Legal Writing, Editing and Social Media)

Strong communication skills are a hallmark of Mari Bush. She has a thesaurus and she is not afraid to use it! She loves words and their power to shape thoughts and arguments.

Mari Bush has always been the “go-to” person to create or edit briefs, important correspondence and articles. Since 1999, she has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Trial Talk®, the bimonthly publication of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. Colleagues rely on her ability to “access” the rules of grammar and create a logical and readable flow in legal documents. She prides herself on an ability to structure the words, paragraphs and concepts in a way that enhances the impact of a communication.

In recent years, Ms. Bush has been a blogger for a colleague’s international immigration law practice based in the United Kingdom. In her blogs, she has anticipated the interests of the intended audience and chosen pertinent topics, ranging from important federal court decisions to provisions of the U.S. Constitution and unique tourist sites in the United States. 

Ms. Bush also served as the content person and blogger for her former firm, Kaye and Bush, LLC. 

As part of her professional portfolio, Ms. Bush is delighted to offer her communication services. Feel free to contact Mari Bush to discuss writing projects. She would be glad to assist with legal briefs, work on editing and review or contribute to your online presence. 

In addition to the written word, Ms. Bush is available to brainstorm public speaking engagements. Her humor and timing will give you and your prospective audience food for thought!

Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Let’s face it: the legal system is imperfect. Litigation—while sometimes inevitable—is inefficient and costly. Since the start of her legal career, Mari Bush has represented her clients in mediations, settlement conferences and specialty administrative processes. This representation has included settlement conferences resulting in million-dollar + settlements, pro bono claim presentations to the State of Colorado for victims of the Lower North Fork Fire, specialized resolution mechanisms for women injured by Dalkon Shield IUDS and a student injured in the Columbine High School Massacre.

In other words, Mari Bush recognizes the value of other tools to resolve conflict. Wherever possible, she considers the meaningful application of alternative approaches to legal problem solving. To that end, Ms. Bush completed received certification through the 40-hour Mediation Program of the Colorado Bar Association. In addition, Mari Bush has spent countless hours as a public arbitrator in the FINRA (formerly NASD) Arbitration Program. She would be pleased to bring these skills to clients and parties seeking an alternative approach to standard civil litigation.

Helping Attorneys and Firms

Lawyers and firms benefit from the flexibility of access to experienced help on projects and particular cases. Mari C. Bush LLC is more than happy to discuss assisting her colleagues on an “as needed” basis.


Mari Bush took on our daughter’s case running. She is not only very knowledgeable and professional, she’s very compassionate and understanding. She has worked very hard, always keeping our family up to date on any and all proceedings. We would recommend Mari to anyone.
— Danny Stotler

I chose Mari to help me with my disability claim. It was a great choice.
Mari is professional, competent, effective and gracious.
She is one of the best attorneys I’ve ever dealt with.
— Marty

Mari C. Bush LLC tailors the fee structure so that it makes the most sense for the particular case. To that end, Mari Bush represents her clients on an hourly fee basis, a percentage (or contingent) fee basis, or on a fixed fee basis. All of the fee structures used by Mari C. Bush LLC comply with the legal and ethical requirements set forth by the Colorado Supreme Court. Clients are ultimately responsible for out-of-pocket expenses and costs incurred by Mari C. Bush LLC.

Certain cases, such as those proceeding under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) or the Federal Tort Claim Act (FTCA) are required to follow statutory fee and costs structures.

Ms. Bush is happy to review these fee and costs structures with potential clients.

Mari and her staff genuinely care about their clients, she walked me through the process from start to finish and made me feel like I was not alone and that she and her team would be there for me step by step. Mari represented me on a difficult ERISA case, she took the time to educate me on what was important to focus on to win my case. She also dealt directly with my doctors and coordinated the specialty testing required to back up my case.

Mari provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and the outcome of my case which she WON!
Even the Independent MD hired by the insurance company told me that he had reviewed my whole file and said that “you have one heck of a lawyer.”
— Brent Cyr and Tom Paar

Mari C Bush, LLC

P.O. Box 2075
Boulder, Colorado 80306

tel. 303.442.4885


fax available upon request


God bless you, Mari Bush! You fought for me and we won! It has changed my life. I trust you. Thank you for looking out for me!
— A.T.

Mari was vitally important in helping us through a very difficult and emotional situation. After many years of payment, our insurance company abruptly denied my disability claim with very little basis or explanation. We didn’t know how to proceed and felt so bewildered and upset. Mari calmly, intelligently and professionally guided us through the appeal process, making an unfortunate situation as pleasant and easy as possible. She promptly answered our questions, and worked tirelessly to meet a tight deadline. Because of her expert skill and knowledge, we won our appeal in record time. My doctor highly recommended Mari, and we are so grateful we took the recommendation. We don’t know what we would have done without her!
— L. H.

My firm and our clients have benefitted from Mari’s services repeatedly over a period of many years. She was able to track down some hard-to-find Colorado public documents a client desperately needed in order to obtain lawful permanent resident (‘green card’) status. Thanks to Mari’s work that client is now happily living in the US and will soon be eligible for citizenship. On a completely different note she has helped me expand our firm’s internet profile by developing blog content and ideas of interest to the clients and prospective clients of our practice. All of her work was performed on time, with personal attention and unflappable good humor.
— Susan McFadden, Gudeon & McFadden, United Kingdom