The Birthday of a Pawtner.

Today Liam turns 4 years of age.  We became a team when he was 10 months old and I fetched him from his Missouri birthplace and escorted him via United Airlines to Colorado.    The crossing of state lines may or may not invoke federal jurisdiction pursuant to the [hu]Mann Act.  

Largely self-taught [meaning I taught him my-self], Liam and I have shared professional and personal pursuits ever since.   In my law practice, as noted elsewhere,  Liam has many specialties: employee benefits, terrier-torial rights, pro bone-o projects, fido-ciary obligations and pun-itive damages, to name but a few.

Liam's presence in my work space brings furspective.  Sometimes it is best to focus on one project at a time.  Sometimes it is best to relieve stress by barking. Sometimes the best meditation is based on dog snores.   Sometimes it is best to have a snack, then a nap.  

I am grateful for the daily reminder that the practice of law is not sterile and unconnected to the outside world.  Liam intuitively recognizes when a break is in order.  He identifies the best postal service [those offices and letter carriers stocking biscuits.]   He fosters my interest in the ever-growing field of "Animal Law."  A dog is a furry synonym for humanity.  

On this the fourth birthday of LIam's entry into the world, let us all recognize the many people and fursons who give meaning to our lives.   I thank you, Liam, for your pawtnership and support as I try to make the world a bit better for our clients.



Mari Bush