Working with a Professional Pawyer on a Daily Basis Makes Good Scents.


June 22, 2018 was National "Take Your Dog to Work Day."   I apologize for not bringing this to my readers' attention earlier.    

While I am more than delighted that the role of the office dog in a professional setting is gaining more traction, I believe much more has to be done.   Canines offer a wide array of benefits to the work place.   Among the many contributions made by four-legged collie-leagues:

They act as fido-ciaries.   They sniff out less desirable clients and vendors. They make sure that no desk-based snack crumb goes un-devoured.  There is no need for expensive shredding services.   Their snores are the ultimate white noise.  They remind us of the need for play and breaks.  They offer therapy no longer covered by your health insurer.   They guarantee that at least one office member is photogenic on the website.  They offer a reason to es-chew fancy surroundings and clothes that require dry-cleaning.   All of this and so much more.

Liam is my office dog and so much more.   He is the proverbial wind beneath my professional wings!  He follows in the paw prints of other wonderful members of my "office litter":  Seamus and Paddy.   

In honor of Liam and all the canines out there who improve our lives: Thank you!

Mari Bush